Researchers meet regularly to foster new ideas and collaboration
MOBIlity program for experienced researchers
Innovation requires continuous cross fertilization of ideas. Our mobility program enables researchers to meet each other via visits and shared workshops.
Senior researchers (Fellows) are a key asset of the ELISE network. Fellows will advance science, and act as ambassadors for the European AI community. They are encouraged to develop strong links across the network through collaborative research projects, joint undertakings, and exchange programmes. Fellows provide strategic scientific advice, leadership and help to build and grow the academic, political, and economic ecosystem. They engage in and drive the public debate. The core group currently consists of more than 200 ELLIS Fellows, representing 14 EU member states, Switzerland, as well as a small group of Global Fellows from the USA, Canada, Israel and Japan.

Each Fellow belongs to one of the ELISE Research programs  and they cover a diverse range of pertinent research domains. The main impact of the mobilization of researchers is collaboration and knowledge sharing. This supports the overall research agenda of progress in fundamental AI/ML research, jointly conducted PhD projects across the sites, successful exchanges, and industrial collaborations. Fellows can request travel funding from the network, through a low-overhead claims process.

Further information concerning the program, timeline and application process will be added soon. Stay tuned!
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