AI Mellontology e-Symposium 2021

September 6, 2021

Artificial Intelligence(AI) poses serious R&D and societal challenges to address in the near future. Here are two notable examples: (1) Knowledge is the basis of our society, yet it is not formally quantified. How can we quantify knowledge, knowledge aggregation and transfer (education)? (2) How can we build trustworthy and humanistic AI, while still advancing economic growth and competitiveness?

The symposium will consist of panel discussion sessions. The panelists will make their short statements before and/or during the panel to be discussed by the audience.

This event is organized with the sponsorship of AI4Media, AIDA and ELISE.

Event Link:
Event Time: 15 September 2021 9h-18h CEST
Event Place: online
Event Person Name: Ioannis Pitas
Even Email:

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