Mobility opportunities are essential for top-level young scientists looking to kickstart their careers in Europe. The ELISE mobility program for PhD and postdoc students offers an opportunity to visit world-class researchers and institutions within the ELLIS network and gain valuable knowledge and contacts.

The PhD and Postdoc mobility program is aimed at existing PhD students and postdocs in the network who want to initiate a collaboration with a Fellow or Member at another site. Young researchers can give their careers a head start by gaining international experience and exchanging ideas with the best labs in Europe. The Mobility Award covers travel costs of up to 2,500 EUR per researcher.

To apply for a mobility grant, the following two conditions must be fulfilled: 

1) The applicant is doing a PhD/postdoc at one of the ELISE partner institutions (cf. Terms and Conditions, p. 5-6, for a list of partners) OR the applicant is an ELLIS PhD student or postdoc;
2) Your exchange is supported by two advisors in the ELLIS network from different sites: the advisor from your home institution, and the advisor from the host institution who will supervise the exchange. Both advisors must be Members of the ELLIS network, and at least one of them an ELLIS Fellow/Scholar or Unit Faculty.

More information on how to apply and eligible costs can be found in the Terms and Conditions of the ELISE Mobility Program for PhDs and Postdocs. Applicants should fill out the application form and send it to with the subject line Application ELISE Mobility Grant: Applicant’s Last Name; the two supervisors should be cc’ed. Applications are possible year-round, but should be submitted no later than 1 month before the starting date of the exchange visit, as they need to be processed by the ELISE and university administration. Reimbursement forms will be sent along with the decision on your application.
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