We promote and support active collaboration between industry and research in Europe through multiple initiatives.

Catalogue of AI Centers

As part of the ELISE project, Spinverse developed a catalogue with nearly 100 research nodes for artificial intelligence from all European countries.

The aim of the catalogue is to help students, scientists, and enterprises to discover the AI opportunities, both locally and in the rest of Europe.

The catalogue includes research nodes that belong to academia, have dedicated and informative websites, and explicitly have the “AI” term in their names. The new 2023 version also includes ELLIS Units! The collection of information from some of the most recent ELLIS units is still ongoing and a new edition of the catalogue is coming soon.
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Open Call for micro-projects with European Small and Medium Sized Companies

To involve additional SMEs in ELISE, we allocate a part of our budget as Financial Support for Third Parties (“cascade funding”) towards SMEs. This budget will be used to initiate micro-projects for developing novel services and applications of AI to the challenges defined by the project stakeholders.

ELISE academic partners will mentor the participating SMEs. Each project has a budget of up to 60 000 euros.

The application period for the second open call is now open until 16 February 2023. Applications for the funding are submitted via the FundingBox Platform.

Industry track of the ELLIS PhD and Postdoc Program

There are various collaborations between industries and ELLIS, including educational partnerships that involve doctoral students.

Through partnerships with companies, ELLIS provides opportunities for doctoral students to work on real-world problems and develop skills that are highly valuable in the industry, they have the chance to apply their knowledge in practical settings and build industry connections.

These collaborations not only benefit the industries and ELLIS, but also contribute to Europe's progress in AI research, ultimately allowing it to become a leader in AI development, innovation, and regulation.

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