First commercial Certificate for AI systems now on the market

published on
May 5, 2022

ELISE Partner JKU Linz in collaboration with TÜV Austria has created the first commercial Certificate for AI-systems (supervised ML). This work led to a joint publication, “Trusted Artificial Intelligence: Towards Certification of Machine Learning Applications”.  This approach aims to serve as the foundation for the certification of applications that use Machine Learning and Deep Learning, the techniques that drive the current revolution in Artificial Intelligence. While certain high-risk areas, such as fully autonomous robots in workspaces shared with humans, are still some time away from certification, this certificate procedure aims to cover low-risk applications. The holistic approach attempts to analyze Machine Learning applications from multiple perspectives to evaluate and verify the aspects of secure software development, functional requirements, data quality, data protection, and ethics. Inspired by existing work, the certificate introduces four criticality levels to map the criticality of a Machine Learning application regarding the impact of its decisions on people, environment, and organizations. Currently, the audit catalog can be applied to low-risk applications within the scope of supervised learning as commonly encountered in industry. The certification procedure is readily available via TÜV Austria.

The White paper on Trusted Artificial Intelligence: Towards Certification of Machine Learning Applications is available here.

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