Learn the basics of AI with the worlds' best free online course - Elements of AI

published on
May 19, 2022

Have you been wondering how AI could affect your life or your job in the not-so-far future anymore? What do we as global citizens should know about AI, what can AI do and what not? How can we best use it, while protecting ourselves from the risks?

Answers to these and many other questions are now available as part of the Elements of AI course! Built by the University of Helsinki and a Finnish technology company  Reaktor, Elements of AI is a free, online course for anyone interested to learn more about AI. The course is self-paced and does not require any prior knowledge of AI. According to  Forbes (2020) it is one of the best free online AI courses in the world!

The goal of our course was not to create some esoteric program for the 1%, but rather to equip all citizens with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions on AI and harness it for the benefit of our nation. (Reaktor)

Professor Teemu Roos who is the lead instructor of  the course explained: 

Elements of AI offers a kind of science-based vaccination against all the hype and misleading clickbait headlines on artificial intelligence. Our aim is to involve citizens in thinking about new AI applications and make sure we can develop AI solutions that respond to people’s actual needs. 

Join a growing global community of over 800.000 learners from over 170 countries and start the course today: https://www.elementsofai.com/ 

Elements of AI course is part of the FCAI's - Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence - education program aiming to provide AI literacy for all. In addition to the online course, FCAI is involved in offering AI-themed training programs for companies and teaching materials for schools.

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