New global network focuses on artificial intelligence for tackling Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

published on
May 3, 2022

A global network of excellence centers to boost research capacity, talent, and investment in AI and sustainable development is being launched under the auspices of UNESCO by Slovenian institute IRCAI. NAIXUS has 20 partners from 14 countries and aims to bridge the gap between AI and SDGs by supporting cutting-edge research and applied activities on SDG-related priorities. The European ELISE network of AI excellence centers, coordinated from Aalto University in Finland, is among the partners represented at the launch event on May 4.  

“The NAIXUS network shows that global AI action to address sustainable development is building,” says professor Samuel Kaski of Aalto University, who is coordinator of ELISE. Kaski will be presenting at the launch of NAIXUS, an online event that will feature global speakers including AI research experts and ambassadors. The launch is a side event of the UN STI Forum.

Find out more about NAIXUS Network and the event here. Quick registration link for the launching event on May 4th is available here.

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