Skinive – saving lives with affordable and accessible skincare powered by AI

published on
May 22, 2022

While effective treatments for skin ailments and diseases are available, early detection is the biggest challenge to reducing mortality rates and other serious complications.  Skinive aims to raise awareness of the global battle against skin diseases and is providing the latest screening technology to people all over the world.

With Skinive, early detection and prevention are made easier with the simple use of a smartphone camera. How does this exactly work? Through the aid of cutting-edge Deep Learning AI technology, users of this award-winning app will be provided with instant and accurate results, followed by instructions on how to best proceed. Whether you’re a trained medical professional, or someone looking to monitor a skin ailment from the comfort of your home, Skinive is an effective and easily accessible tool that is of little or no cost to the user. Moreover, as many skin blemishes do not require immediate medical treatment, Skinive users will be able to save time and money on needless trips to their general practitioner or dermatologist.

Skinive was born as a result of extensive market research and collaboration of experienced MedTech specialists and medical doctors. Having extensive experience in Digital Health project development, the company's CEO Kirill Atstarov, together with Co-founders Artyom Lyan and Artyom Trofimuk, combined their IT and MedTech knowledge and founded Skinive. The inspiration is also based on the personal experiences of the founders unable to get adequate and affordable skincare in timely manner, as well as coming from a family devoted to medicine and helping others. Another major inspiration for the product was the research on Skin Cancer Classification with Deep Learning, conducted at Stanford. The Skinive team (which at that point had grown to 7 people) decided to incorporate the research into their technology, using existing data and their connections in the medical world. The story of Skinive continues, as the startup grows and develops.

In late 2021, Skinive was awarded funding as part of the 1st ELISE Open call, to further develop their technology. The bar is set high with ambitious targets: Improve Skinive MD Mobile App, label50,000 images, improve the accuracy of the neural network, expand the list of diseases, and improve user experience in the application. The project started in January and we are impatiently awaiting results and news to share later this summer!

Skinive will bring immense benefits to the society. It is an affordable tool for ordinary citizens to detect and prevent skin diseases early on and in the comfort of their home. It will increase the level of health and well-being of the wider population, but also bring economic value to the healthcare system. Our assessment shows potential social effect in the form of a 30% reduction in mortality of the European population due to skin diseases” explains Kirill Atstarov, Skinive CEO.

Our goal is to become the new standard in dermatological screening for patients and professionals without the need for additional equipment and to create a digital ecosystem for skin diagnosis” adds Atstarov.

Interested to learn more about Skinive?

Check out their website and follow Skinive founders Kirill Atstarov and Artyom Trofimuk to stay informed about their products and results!

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