Using AI to break language barriers in customer service and democratise access to digital services in any language

published on
July 22, 2022

Founded in 2020, Algomo is a deep-tech company of five that works on hard natural language processing (NLP) problems. They are working with companies to fully automate their customer service in 100+ languages. 

“We are trying to create industry-specific multilingual language models. You can think of it as having a banker that speaks 100+ languages, or a travel agent that speaks 100+ languages. This is important, as jargon relevant only to a domain is really crucial to improve the accuracy of our models for such domains, and thus, fine-tuning our models to domain-specific language would eventually help us reach more clients” says Algomo founder and CEO Charis Sfyrakis.

Algomo team

In late 2021 they were awarded ELISE funding to support their work and have been implementing ELISE-related activities since January 2022. The funding will be used to develop software and hire engineers needed to improve their system further. 

“By automating customer service in 100+ languages, we help companies expand faster, cheaper, and easier. Moreover,  we are inherently inclusive and promote AI-for-good, as we are bringing AI capabilities to an estimated 1 billion people globally, whose languages are currently not commercially supported by most conversational AI applications” explains Sfyrakis.

In five years, Algomo’s aspiration is to be the market leader for companies that operate in underserved languages, but also companies with multilingual needs.

Find out more about Algomo and their work here and follow the Algomo founder Charis Sfyrakis on LinkedIn!

More about the ELISE 1st Open call and awarded companies is available here.

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